What’s your keyboard says??

Skanda Shastry
1 min readNov 9, 2018

Vigilantly reveal my browsing history!!

By using the browsers auto-complete. Here’s what my keyboard suggests when typed A, B, C to Z.

I just list down all suggestions based on alphabetically. Categorized the content based on a type of website.

And here’s how the distribution looks like

Demographic distribution

Here is some interesting observation.👥

  • Some letter has more than one valid suggestions & I collect both the data.
  • O letter I didn’t find any auto-suggestion 😥
  • One satisfaction thing, F symbolized Flipkart not Facebook 😉
  • Work-related search is the same weight as other utility & Financial website.
  • Similarly, Ratio of Entertainment website == knowledgeable website !!
  • It doesn't include Incognito, numbers, google search, Junk address, internal office sites etc.

PS: It doesn’t represent the amount of time I spend on each website.

Map your daily spend activity. & Introspect in a simple way!

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