The Essential life Skills No One Taught (but Everyone Should Know)

Skanda Shastry
4 min readDec 29, 2018

One of the downsides of living in the Information Age?
It feels impossible to keep up! We’re awash in information all day.

Current generation posses new psychological syndrome
The fear of missing out (FOMO) has become pervasive in society.
The name of the second batsman for the 2003 world cup finals?
Probably not important. But tips for living a better life? Well worth committing to memory. like the above example, Current generation overflow with unnecessary, irrelevant content! Not with the skills which they require for survival.
There are few things which we required in our daily life which make us more perfect!

Computer literacy:
* Basics of Excels.
* Keyboard short-cuts & basic typing.
* How to assemble/disperse the Computer & diagnose the network issues.
* Password management & backup the computer data.

* Identify the Good & bad vegetables in the market.
* How to boiling the Egg & prepare its Curry.
* Cook without fire.
* How to chop the vegetables (Basic knife skills)

Financial literacy:
* Basic knowledge on Savings & Investments.
* Knowing how to write a cheque/DD & online/Mobile bank transactions.
* Aware about Mutual Funds & Stock market.
* How to return/claim the tax.

Vehicle maintenance:
* Know how to drive the two & four wheelers.
* How to change the flat tire & oil.
* Drive in bad weather.
* Parallel park.

General :
* How to wear tie & dressing sense
* Swimming, Self defense art (Krav Maga, Karate, Judo, Boxing)
* Know how to sew, washing, fold & Iron cloths
* How to open the bottle without opener & Craft a cocktail.

Communication (Both real-world & digital):
* The art of conversation
* Storytelling
* Public speaking
* Simple writing

Social skills:
* You should know how to recall people’s names.
* Simple dance step, Playing cards.
* Manage/clean-up your social media accounts (social media etiquette)

* Critical thinking & Problem-solving
* Reading.
* Common sense & street smart.
* How to sell & art of Negotiation.
* Meditation.

The World Economic Forum publishes a comprehensive series of reports which examine in detail skill gap among the millennial workforce. Although the specific skills and experience you’ll need will depend on the role you’re applying for, the same core set of abilities will always be in demand these are the skills which you should be looking to demonstrate first and foremost.

WEF Report 2016
WEF Report 2018

The current rapid change environment, We will all need to become lifelong learners for survival!

On average, employees will need 101 days of retraining and upskilling in the period up to 2022. Emerging skills gaps — both among individual workers and among companies’ senior leadership makes us obsolete.

Do something nice for yourself once a week. One small step makes a big effort in the long horizon.

Bonus tips: Links embedded for each point, which will help to enhance your skills.



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