Our nuclear bases still use CD/floppy disk.
Our new fighter can’t even fly in the rain.
Instead of going to mars, we have invaded the Middle East.
We wanted flying cars, we got 140 characters.
— Peter Thiel

▪️ Energy consumption & speed of vehicle still stagnant. Automobiles still travel…

Smash the production issue in 120 sec!!

Just as doctors go on-call to support emergency patient needs around the clock, IT organizations task dedicated groups of engineers with going on-call to fix issues for software services as they arise.

The ability to quickly and effectively find & resolve bugs in new and established production systems is one…

Until the Year 2000,

Gold is used to measure the wealth of the Nation 💰

Oil is precious things in the World ⛽

The USA is the richest & most advance countries in Earth 🔮

Nuclear power nations manage the world Economy 🕹️

Arm & Ammunition will rule the many…

This festival is traditionally observed by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains to revere their chosen spiritual guru / leaders and express their gratitude.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July) as it is known in the Hindu calendar.

Guru Purnima

On one side tech entrepreneur like Jack Ma advocating for 9-9-6 work culture & other side people fight for 40 hours equality!
But, there are some global leaders like Narendra Modi, Warren Buffett, Marissa Mayer, Elon Musk who work more than 100+ hours to accomplish their goals.

In this diverse…

One of the downsides of living in the Information Age?
It feels impossible to keep up! We’re awash in information all day.

Current generation posses new psychological syndrome
The fear of missing out (FOMO) has become pervasive in society.
The name of the second batsman for the 2003 world cup finals…

Vigilantly reveal my browsing history!!

By using the browsers auto-complete. Here’s what my keyboard suggests when typed A, B, C to Z.

I just list down all suggestions based on alphabetically. Categorized the content based on a type of website.

And here’s how the distribution looks like

In today’s digital transformation age,
The slogan ‘innovate or perish’ stands true to its words. As brands can only survive in the market if they are constantly innovating and offering something new on the platter with time. Ultimately, It’s the innovation that helps businesses differentiate their products and services from competition…

In 1998, Kodak sold 85% of photo film worldwide.Next few years Digital Camara slowly overlap the photo film.

In 2003, Iconic 1100 phone sold more than 500 million units by Nokia in an year. Which is highest selling phone till now.

In 2010, Blockbuster one of the most recognizable brand…

Skanda Shastry

Left & Right brain thinker!!! "WHAT is written is more important than WHO writes it"

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